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Название: Make It End
Исполнитель: Lacrimosa
Альбом: Stille
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Listen to the silence Hear your blood running Search for the truth Hear the silence Memories that made you mad Hear, oh hear inside the fear How different Is this burning Giving everything And not finding back Make it end Don­t force to suffer any more No more empty promises You go to find the truth for yourself And accept it! Make it end No more degrading excuses You go to - Rise your weak wings If only for a day I­ve watched your purple blood running Tasted the bitter taste of dying ambitions Then the shadows in your eyes How could you - loose the emotion Of beeing alive? Without hesitation You stopped existing Against your own will Exit and escape Gather the separated parts Solve the puzzle and survive Trust in yourself You may also be weak - Shattered emotions When you watch behind the masks No wasted words for the trusted ones When they­d all let you down

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