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Название: Things People Say
Исполнитель: Lady Antebellum
Альбом: Lady Antebellu
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    There I was at the bus stop beggin’ you just to stay Can we work this out, baby we can work this out A dust trail from a Greyhound headed for the West Coast As I watch you leave, it’s gettin’ hard to breathe No this ain’t how it was suppose to be While you’re out chasin’ all your dreams Tell me where does that leave me What about the plans that you left behind The little white house by the railway line The one we picked out We even put the payment down What about the promise that you made To stay with me till your dying day Said you’d never go away Are they just things that people say The preacher stopped by the house last Tuesday Asked if I was fine We sat and talked a while He tried to make me smile But it’s so hard to show my face round lately In this small town I guess they heard the news ‘Bout me and you It’s three a.m. and I can’t sleep at all I wonder where you are tonight and do I ever cross your mind Well my momma won’t stop crying She wonders what went wrong Could I have loved a little deeper Or did I hold on too strong

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