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Название: Cotton Wool
Исполнитель: Lamb
Альбом: Lamb
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Here's my love Step inside Let me warm you up By the fire in my heart Step inside Close the door On the wind of fear Brewing up behind you You could stay here Make your home here Hideaway here I could wrap you up in cotton wool Here's somewhere you could let your love Run free come and give your soul a resting place Finding someome is like finding yourself a home If the key fits . just open the door 'Cause you're never gonna spend a lonely day here Come and watch your fear fly away And you'll never hunger for a greener side than here Gonna wrap you up in cotton wool and save you And s a v e you (And save you) Where's your love Let me in To find the warm fire That I know is there inside you Let me in . it's cold outside And I'll grow there Find that place deep down inside you You could hold me And protect me from all harm You could love me You could wrap me up And I could stay there Make my home there Hideaway there You could wrap me up In cotton wool

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