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Название: Achilles Last Stand (Page/Plant)
Исполнитель: Led Zeppelin
Альбом: Presence
Год: 1976
Язык: Английский

    It was an April morning when they told us we should go As I turn to you, you smiled at me How could we say no? With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had Oh, the songs to sing, when we at last return again Sending off a glancing kiss, to those who claim they know Below the streets that steam and hiss, The devil's in his hole Oh to sail away, To sandy lands and other days Oh to touch the dream, Hides inside and never seen. Into the sun the south the north, at last the birds have flown The shackles of commitment fell, In pieces on the ground Oh to ride the wind, To tread the air above the din Oh to laugh aloud, Dancing as we fought the crowd To seek the man whose pointing hand, The giant step unfolds With guidance from the curving path, That churns up into stone If one bell should ring, in celebration for a king So fast the heart should beat, As proud the head with heavy feet. Days went by when you and I, bathed in eternal summers glow As far away and distant, Our mutual child did grow Oh the sweet refrain, Soothes the soul and calms the pain Oh Albion remains, sleeping now to rise again Wandering & wandering, What place to rest the search The mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth The mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth From the earth... I know the way, know the way, know the way, know the way (X2) Oh the mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth.

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