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Название: Shoot Me Down
Исполнитель: Lil Wayne
Альбом: Tha Carter III
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    (feat. D. Smith) Page 1. Chapter 1. Verse mother fucking 1. Yeah, Uh huh, Im Drinkin hot tea bitch. Feel me, now if you let me you wont regret me, Shit if you let me you wont forget me. Remember? And if you don't hang on.. *bang bang* theres a reminda. I aint kinda hot im sauna, I sweat money and the bank is my showa, And that pistol is my towel, so stop sweatin me coward. And I would die for hours, ride for hours, supplied flowers. This is history in the makin, now shut the fuck up and let me make it. [Chorus] Please dont shut me down, cuz im flyin, im flyin, Im higerrrr Please dont shut me down, im flyin, im higherr. I swear this tea is everywhere but tempture right now. I spit alcatrez bars I know, And these are the only alphabet boys i know, Got a 380 on my waste and ranbow back home, No more bandana round my dome, Bandana in my right pocket, bitch im grown. Fuck what you want, watch me stand on the world as i sit in my throne And if I jump im goin to fly and look into the equal eyes see I am lookin like you, why? Bitch see,it gets me how nothing gets me or get to me, And if your shootin for the stars then just shoot me, But your bullets dont reach mars, haws, claws because im a beast im a dawg ill get cha, My picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition of definition, Because repitition is the father of learnin. and son i know your barrel is burnin but.. [Chorus] Please dont shut me down, cuz im flyin, im flyin, Im higerrrr Please dont shut me down, im flyin, im higherr. Ay! Talk to my daddy. Pop i did it to em, imma bastard,and im goin to do it again like nigga backwards, These niggas backwards, but they behind us. Now watch me get high like times up Now D bring the drums back, and watch me hit them where there lungs at like that, I get respect cuz if dont im goin to take it, i see your boys hatin and i see your girls naked. It sounds like a naked gun, switch clips with my thumb, and i pop another clip in and aim at his vision. Cuz wayne is his vision, cuz wayne is the mission, im aimin at a mirror... [Chorus] Please dont shut me down, cuz im flyin, im flyin, (and ive done it before, please dont make me do it any more.) Im higerrrr Please dont shut me down, (watch me soar) im flyin, (where the fuck is my guitar, now roar) im higherr.

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