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Название: Indigo Flow
Исполнитель: Limp Bizkit
Альбом: Three Dollar Bill Y'All$
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Yo, what up. Got Christian and Dino in tha' house. Fear Factory action ta' kick off this new joint here for my... homies. Separatin' tha' true breeds. My friends and my family. Had tha' vision when tha' bounds, now it's blowin' up. Props to tha' field dog, with the funk through tha' campaign. Gold records and champaign. Everlast for tha' tour on St. Patty's. Chino, man we had a blast with your Deftones. Rock that microphone daily. Props to tha' miestro, Ross your an angel. Hey DJ, wanna play that song? Lethal, we love ya' like a brother. Wanna take a trip to tha' Flip-side? Jordon, nothin' more I can say except your walkin' hand in hand with tha' profet. Danny, ya' took us to tha' fat man. Harry, Tylor, props for tha' golden introduction. We're comin' from tha' town of tha' unknown. Jacksonville's on tha' map. Look us up. Raisin' eyebrows with tha' Jaguars kid. Better watch out. Line 'em up Cheetah. (Indigo) Yo Richard, Rob, and Chuck (Indigo) hook it up. When I walk out on stage, all headaches go away. Got tha' back from tha' sickest road crew. Chris and Bobby for stickin' to us. Sugar Ray taught me life was all about drinkin'. Bow wow yippie yo yippie yay, to tha' Funk Doobie'. Thanks for showin' up. All my brothers in Korn, I love you. Dad and Mamma, I'm comin' home. Word out to my girl Sage, Shawn, Teddie Swoze. Indigo Ranch alive with tha' vibe. Grun Dig, Danny at tha' Milk Bar, Terry Parker you know what's up. (Indigo) Dialed into tha' planet. And God, I LOVE YOOOU!

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