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Название: Red Light . Green Light
Исполнитель: Limp Bizkit
Альбом: Results May Vary
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    Freak baby, freak freak baby (x2) Red light, green light (x3) You ready to roll? Tell me when you're ready to go (x2) I got the keys baby, put your mind at ease baby Go playa, layin' the cheese baby I know you bitin', bitin' my steez baby But I came, came to please baby Don't wait, lay the greeze baby Don't flake, shake the knees baby Your fella's mad at me baby, oh well, enemies baby Who's braggin' they raggin' on me baby? Who's breath is draggin' on me baby? Who steps through all agony baby? Who's checks are bigger than me baby? Who thinks before it goes down baby? Who rocks in every town baby? I don't know if it ain't me Must be a clone on this microphone baby Red light, green light (x3) You ready to roll? Tell me when you're ready to go (x2) (you know I'm down and ready to go) Jump in the who ride, slide to the rhythm of Snoop d.o. Double g nigga from the dub I represent it to the fullest everywhere I go Guaranteed to bust a ho, yeah I'm so original I don't have to, I told you from the get go I like to lay low with my niggas blowin' endo We like to drink, talk shit, and spit at bitches And that's the way we do it, sometimes we hittin' switches In the low-rider slidin' to the hood and back It's snoop dogg in the muthafuckin' cadillac They call it snoop deville for real I get the money and I never ever pop no pills I used to pop'em, I'm lyin' to these motherfuckers now I used to do all kind of shit when I was wild They used to call me lil' bow wow now I'm big bow wow In this motherfucka bustin' a freestyle Snoop dogg is in the place to see, do it with my nephew Freddy d Ooh wee, in the place to see Snoop d.o. Double g from the d.p.g.c. Freak baby, freak freak baby (x3) Look who's talkin' it up baby One more chalkin' it up baby Star maps stalkin' it up baby My dogs barkin' it up baby Who'd a thought i'd be layin it down baby? Who'd a thought i'd be turnin' your frown baby? Never know about things these days baby ' till your cell phone rings and it's me baby

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