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Название: Show Me What You Got
Исполнитель: Limp Bizkit
Альбом: Significant Other
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Keepin' it real world wide baby Limp Bizkits in the house So bring it on I'd like to dedicate this song to you For makin' my dreams come true for the millennium Are you ready? Then get the fuck up!!! Wooo Haa!! Whos hot whos not? Where you at Jacksonville, Rochester., Louisville, Columbia, Hartford, Milwaukee, and Lewiston Maine? Where you at providence, Nashville, Memphis, Lauderdale, Portland, Orlando, Chicago, and Frisco? I left my heart in Austin with Mary Campbell. Got lost in Boston lookin' for the tea party. Met a child molester in Worchester Need a Kleenex every time I'm leavin' phoenix. I get silly when I play in Philly. Limp Bizkit committee down in Kansas city. Never know what I'm in for when I'm play in Denver. Hard rock don't stop down in Vegas. In Cincinnati the girls call me daddy And I probably aint leavin' the next time I'm in Cleveland. Found my lucky coin in Des Moine And spit on a boy named Tina in Pasadena. We get the swing from new Orleans. Ft worth and Dallas we toast when we're tippin' up the challis. Tulsa, St. Louis, Sacto, mesa, Norfolk, Lawrence, Minneapolis, St. Paul, North Hampton, Detroit, Omaha, New York, LA, what can i say, I cant name'm all. So somebody, anybody, everybody get the fuck up!! Show me what you got Woooo Haa Show me what you got Hey ladys Whos hot whos not? Who Who?? Whos hot whos not? I can't help but to belive in these friends, These bands, these tours, and the places that i've been I thank God, mom & dad, Adrian, for the love I feel inside, Jordan, my phat ass band, without'em I'd be nothin' but a pumpkin shoved inside a can. Without the fans there wouldn't be no show And if that was really so than life would really blow. To the firm, you always got my back. Korn for the love and the swappin' of the tracks. My brother Cory d, my man terry date, We brought it to the plate and you made it sound great. Scott Weiland the melody man, If you cant sing it nobody can. Wu tang clan skills from the method. The worlds best mc kills on this record. Slim shady crazy ass cracker. Stained, a brand new drug for your brain. Les Claypool, for actin' like a fool And all of the bands with the demos that were cool. Im so grateful for this life of mine. The ones I didn't thank I will some other time But now i just want somebody, anybody, everybody to get the fuck up!! Show me what you got Yeee Haa Show me what you got Hey ladys Whos hot whos not? Who Who?? Whos hot whos not? Whhhooooossss hot baby? Whos hot? Ya Lethal i like that beat Bring it (bring it), bring it (bring it) I've been around this world and then some. Dum ditty dum kid where you comin' from? I went from the garage to steppin' on these stages. Outrageous rhymes left my mind and soon became contagious. An mc with bad habits I am. I see a mic then I grab it, scary aint it? Comin' raw with no corrections. Savin' all perfection's for what I do with my erections So dream on!!

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