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Название: Anything But Me
Исполнитель: Lindsay Lohan
Альбом: Speak
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    Nobody told me that I'd be happy faces Just trying to erase the traces What came before me A girl that I used to see somewhere buried deep She's falling asleep and I trying to wake her set her free [Chorus:] Now is a never ending thing One moment turns into another Before I've had time to to run from all the other ones And its so hard to live a dream When the everything that they want you to be Is anything but me So much confusion circling inside my head What this one and that one said Its all an illusion Cuz I'm still the same person no matter how fast I run I'm trying to hold on to where it is I've come from [Chorus] Anything but me I'm trying to hold on to where it is I come from [Chorus]

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