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Название: To Know Your Name
Исполнитель: Lindsay Lohan
Альбом: Speak
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    I know your name But I won't tell We must keep this secret well Privacy's hard to find Eyes are watching all the time [Chorus:] Everybody wants to know our love Everybody talks about our love Everybody wants to know your name To know your name Everybody needs to criticize None of them are even in our lives Everybody wants to know your name To know your name Cant get out cant get through Need to be alone with you Must escape or are we allowed no part of privacy [Chorus] Can the boys with the zoom give the girls just second See the man that I love needs a little sweet attention I don't want to seem harsh but this girl's under pressure I can't go through losing love again Boy I need to breathe just one breath Walls are closing in so fast Privacy is hard to find, eyes are watching all the time [Chorus x2]

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