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Название: Very Last Moment In Time
Исполнитель: Lindsay Lohan
Альбом: Speak
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    Time stops for no one and moves on unaware It's easy not to notice It's easy not to care Conversation circles There's money changing hands I've been standing in the middle I've been caught up in the spin But out of the confusion The static and the noise you got my attention And made me wanna live [Chorus:] Live like it's the last moon rising Scream just like no one's there Lose all of my defenses Hold you touch you love, you like it's A very last moment in time It seems like I woke up beneath a different sky And I'm drunk on what I'm seeing through these open eyes All the little ways you move me All the places you expose The illusion I held on to You've got me letting go I just wanna stay here soaking up the rain Falling all around me wash the world away [Chorus] Let me feel you next to me Let me taste the breath you breathe Open up the space between us [Chorus]

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