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Название: What You Are
Исполнитель: Lionel Richie
Альбом: Coming Home
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    It's four in the morning and I'm sitting here at night I'm writing you this song to say what's on my mind I'm leaving in an hour and you won't be up in time to say goodbye (so whoa) I'm putting this on tape (baby you're wonderful) I really mean it babe (more than you will ever know) I wish that I could stay (but I gotta go) I'll be back in the meantime Keep in mind that You are Is something to big for words And it's my pleasure to love you for better or worse Cause what you are A beautiful mother to your kids Sometimes it slips my mind so in case I forget Girl you are better than (anything) I ever had You are the perfect love Never give you up Because you are my heart and soul my breath Take it all till nothings left Cause baby you are Now no man has ever loved his woman LIke I love you girl you know it's true And no man can ever say he does a woman better than I do you Cause that ain't true (here's what I do) Send you fresh-cut roses every day of the week Take you shopping whenever But more importantly Wrap my loving arms around you To reassure everything I felt that first night I feel it more

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