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Название: Reason To Believe
Исполнитель: Lionel Richie
Альбом: Coming Home
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Everybody's talking loud Tryin' to get me to join the crowd But I can't hear what they're talking about Cause they ain't sayin' nothin' They say come follow me What I'm telling you will set you free All you gotta do is act like me But I can't feel nothin' I just want somebody To laugh out loud I just want somebody To make me smile Whoah I'm I'm trying to finda reason to believe [x2] (Wait a minute) I just can't tell what's right or wrong And I'm not sure where I belong And where is that simple song I remember THey say everything's in black and white And the sun shines at twelve at night And to praise God you gotta fight It's crazy, crazy I just want somebody To laugh out loud I just want somebody To make me smile Whoah cause I'm I'm tryingt ofind a reason to believe [x2] Don't wanna live Don't wanna lie to myself anymore Don't wanna try to understand THe pain I see through my eyes Let me laugh Just let me cry Just let me see right from wrong Just let me love Let me feel Cause I want in my life all the things that's real Cause I I'm trying to find a reason to believe [x6]

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