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Название: What Can You Lose
Исполнитель: Madonna
Альбом: I'm Breathless
Год: 1990
Язык: Английский

    What can you lose? Only the blues. Why keep concealing everything you're feeling? Say it to her, what can you lose? Maybe it shows, She's had clues, which she chose to ignore. Maybe though she knows, And just wants to go on as before. As a friend, nothing more So she closes the door. Well, if she does Those are the dues. Once the words are spoken, Something may be broken. Still, you love her What can you lose? But what if she goes? At least now, you have part of her. What if she had to choose? Leave it alone Hold it all in. Better a bone Don't even begin. With so much to win, There's too much to lose.

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