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Название: I Don't Wanna Cry
Исполнитель: Mariah Carey
Альбом: Greatest Hits
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Once again we sit in silence After all is said and done Only emptiness inside us Baby, look what we've become We can make a million promises But we still won't change It isn't right to stay together When you only bring each other pain Chorus: I don't wanna cry Don't wanna cry Nothing in the world Could take us back To where we used to be Though I've give you my heart and soul I must find a way of letting go 'Cause baby, I don't wanna cry Too far apart to bridge the distance But something keeps us hanging on and on Pretending not to know the difference Denying what we had is gone Every moment we're together It's just breaking me down I know we swore it was forever But it hurts too much to stay around Chorus All the magic's gone There's just a shadow of a memory Something just went wrong We can't go on make-believing Chorus

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