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Название: Up Out My Face
Исполнитель: Mariah Carey
Альбом: Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel
Год: 2009
Язык: Английский

    It's not Chipped, where not cracked, oh we're shattered Eh eh oh na na na na I thought we had something special, we had something good But I should'n let another mechanic under my hood If you see me walking by boy, don't you even speak Pretend you on a sofa, and I'm on MTV Might see me on a poster, see me at the show But you won't see me for free boy, this ain't no promo No shame now, Wherever you been laying, you can stay now Got to board the BBJ and put the shades down, I'm on the plane now And don't keep calling from yo momma house When I break, I break boy Up out my face boy Up out my face boy Up out my face, I break Up out my face boy Up out my face boy Up out my face, I break You ain't never gonna feel this thing again You gon' get a lot of calls, cause I CCed all your friends I ain't walk around and won't being sad and collecting my bags So look who's crying now, boo hooo hooo Talking about you're missing your boooo No you ain't getting it No you ain't hitting it No you ain't a rapper so you need to stop spittin' it Ah ah ha ha ha ha You wonder who I'm messing with when you ain't next to me Ah ah ha ha ha ha So paint... No shame now... (refrein) And no superglue can fix this (when I break) Not even a welder and a builder can rebuild this shit (I break) Not even a nailtechnician with a whole jot of jail... can fix this when I break If we were two lego blocks, even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010, couldn't put? us back together again Up out my face boy

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