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Название: Two Little Girls In Little Rock
Исполнитель: Marilyn Monroe
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    We're just two little girls from Little Rock we lived on the wrong side of the tracks but the gentleman friends who used to call they never did seem to mind at all they came to the wrong side of the tracks. Then someone broke my heart in Little Rock so I up and left the pieces there like a little lost lamb I roamed about I came to New York and I found out that men are the same way everywhere. I was young and determined to be wined and dined and ermined and I worked at it all around the clock. Now one of these days in my fancy clothes I'm gonna go back and punch the nose of the one who broke my heart In Little Rock. I'm just a little girl from Little Rock a horse used to be my closest pal. Though I never did learn to read or write I learned about love in the pale moonlight and now I'm an educated gal. I learned an awful lot in Little Rock and here's some advice I'd like to share. Find a gentleman who's shy or bold or short or tall or young or old as long as the guy's a millionaire. For a kid from a small street I did very well on Wall Street though I never owned a share of stock and now that I'm known in the biggest banks I'm going back home and give my thanks to the one who broke my heart in Little Rock

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