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Название: What Your Soul Sings
Исполнитель: Massive Attack
Альбом: 100Th Window
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    Don’t be afraid Open your mouth to say Say what your soul sings to you Your mind can never change Unless you ask it to Lovingly rearrange The thoughts that make you blue The things that bring you down Will mean no harm to you And so make your choice joy The joy belongs to you And when you do You'll find the one you love is here You'll find you The love yeah Don’t be ashamed no To open your heart and pray Say what your soul sings to you So no longer pretend That you can’t feel it near That tickle on your hand That tingle in your ear And ask it anything Because it loves you dear It’s your most precious king If only you could hear And when you do You’ll find the one you need is here You’ll find you Love you

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