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Название: Daydreaming
Исполнитель: Massive Attack
Альбом: Collected
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Shara Nelson I quietly observe standing in my space Daydreaming I quietly observe standing in my space Daydreaming Way that we say 'em in style that we raid 'em in Massive attack we keep it strong just like a vitamin Going for the positive wiping out the negative songs 'Cause brother it's relative The ??? is pickup all the lyrics on the dancefloor To raise your spirit level 'cause it demands more Attitude is cool degrees below zero Up against the wall behaving like De Niro Tricky's performing taking his photo Make him stand with a tan touch it like cocoa Smooth keep it moving at the back now Free as the needle that's moving through the track now Hands keep the drummer's beats we need new sticks Dance around the vibes like acoustics No drugs or pharmaceuticals for the body ain't suitable Stick with liquid me and trick we drop The paper which you use my toungue to lick with Trouble and strife ain't no sunshine in my life Wiseguys get protection when they carry a knife They shouldn't have been born they're making me yawn But I just take it easy it's a sunday morning So you come ??? Together we'll grow forever watch my ak rig go Because my ak rig goes boom boom My ak rig goes boom Yeah rhymin' the jam and uh we got the stamina Cause you never know it's like we don't give a damn and uh And it's ??? to keep your distance Resist and the posse gets the pressure of this dance The cool breeze that you welcome in the heat You don't see it but you feel it when it's blowing on the street If i was a rich man Da da dada I quietly observe standing in my space It's the devious days they call the rat race It's a concrete jungle, evil in the town Weebles, wobble, occasional squabble But we're happy when the bomb drops Down Don't make sound 'Cause the dancefloor's a desert And the dancers are parched Do a rain dance and you brace through a marsh My heavy my brother get lighter than helium Float above the world to break the tedium Living in my headphones soul is what I say to 'em The surreal boom of the budokan stadium Well i'm floating on air when i'm daydreaming I quietly observe standing in my space Well i'm tricky kid don't deal with sadness Can't be with the one i love i love the one that i miss I'm very down to earth but brain sits on top floor Don't need another lover just need, i'm insecure The weather is a-changin' the storms be shakin The love that you make is equal to the love you're makin Here comes the sun little darlin here comes the sun It's alright Yes tricky kid i check my situation Naggy this maggy that maggy means inflation Hip-hop you don't stop cause i'm not sloppy I like the beat so we need another copy We're natives of the massive territory and i'm proud Getting peaceful in the desert that the glory and the crowd The problem ain't a different kind of skin tricks I love my neighbor and I ??? the olympics See you a hooligan you try to play the fool again Caught you in the lost and found When your posse weren't around No crowd So you're going for you tool again Daydreaming I quietly observe standing in my space Daydreaming Well i'm floating on air when i'm daydreaming

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