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Название: The Dark Is Rising
Исполнитель: Mercury Rev
Альбом: All Is Dream
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    I dreamed of you on my farm I dreamed of you in my arms But dreams are always wrong I never dreamed I'd hurt you I never dreamed I'd lose you In my dreams, I'm always strong And now the creek is rising And all my bridges burnt I always dreamed of big crowds Plooms of smoke and high clouds But dreams don't last for long I have my suspicions When the stars are in position All will be revealed But I know that until then Unless the stars surrender All will be concealed And now the snow is falling And all my fences torn I know you need someone And I can hear someone Somewhere in this song I dreamed that I was walking And the two of us were talking Of all lives mysteries But words that flow between friends Winding streams, without end I wanted you to see But it can seem surprising When you find yourself alone And now the dark is rising And a brand new moon is born I always dreamed I'd love you I never dreamed I'd lose you In my dreams, I'm always strong

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