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Название: Empire State (Son House In Excelsis)
Исполнитель: Mercury Rev
Альбом: See You On The Other Side
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    Hard as the kick in a young man's stride I stabbed myself back into the night One heel in front, one heel behind Life in the Empire State... Angels and devils before my eyes The palms of my hands hung by my side Helpless I watched them destroy and divide Life in the Empire State... Cold were my bones, warm was the fire, white was yr face cast to my mind Bright as ever any light that shined On Life in the Empire State Into the Void I roared in vain, what if the South's gonna do it again, promise you'll b by my side for the end Of Life in the Empire State... Shrug off the shifting weight of home And hope that the Almight Anchor will hold Was there room in yr heart for yr weakest son all along Whistle sirens the Blind comin' on... No matter how lion-hearted my will I still stray beyond? I threw up my hands and swore I'd find more in yr arms Was the Narrow Way there in our midst all along/Sounds like the empire State's comin' on...

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