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Название: Tell Him He's Yours
Исполнитель: Michael Buble
Альбом: Totally Buble
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    Love the one that's right Not the one you keep thinking of Open your eyes Take a look, let him in Don't let your life go by dreamin' 'Bout some other guy when you are dancin' With him cheek to cheek Flying around in a jet Champagne and limos you bet! Laughing and having some fun Though he's not even the one Love the one that's right for love Not the one you keep thinking of Open your heart Take a chance, let him in Don't try to say that he's not 'Cause of all the things that he's got For he's just a guy that wants you and he'll be true And although he just tries to explain That all of this fun's not a game He'll turn around and walk out that door Just tell him he's yours!

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