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Название: Money
Исполнитель: Michael Jackson
Альбом: HIStory
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    Money... Lie for it Spy for it Kill for it Die for it Say you call is a trust But I say it's just In the devil's game Of greed and lust They don't care They'd do me for the money They don't care They use me for the money Say you go to church Read the Holy Word In the scheme of life It's all absurd They don't care They'd kill for the money Do or dare The thrill for the money You're saluting the flag Your country trusts you Now you're wearing a badge You're called the "Just Few" And you're fighting the wars A soldier must do I'll never betray or decieve you my friend but... If you show me the cash Then I will take it If you tell me to cry Then I will fake it If you give me your hand Then I will shake it You'll do anything for money... Chorus: Anything Anything Anything for money Would lie for you Would die for you Even sell my soul to the devil Chorus Insurance? Where do your loyalties lie? Is that your alibi? I don't think so You don't care You'd do her for the money Say it's fair You sue her for the money Want you pot of gold Need the Midas touch Bet you sell your soul Cuz your God is such You don't care You kill for the money Do or dare The thrill for the money Are you infested with the same disease Of lust, gluttony and greed? Then watch the ones With the biggest smiles The idle jabbers... Cuz they're the backstabbers If you know it's a lie Then you will swear it If you give it with guilt Then you will bear it If it's taking a chance Then you will dare it You'll do anythin for money... Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus You say you wouldn't do it For all the money in the world I don't think so If you show me the man Then I will sell him If you ask me to lie Then I will tell him If you're dealing with God Then you will hell him You'll do anything for money Chorus (Repeat - ad lib to end)

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