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Исполнитель: Michael Jackson
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    He gives another smile, tries to understand her side To show that he cares She can't stay in the room She's consumed with everything that's been goin' on She says Chorus: Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand Everything will be alright, he assures her But she doesn't hear a word that he says Preoccupied, she's afraid Afraid that what they're doing is not right He doesn't know what to say, so he prays Whatever, whatever, whatever Chorus Don't let go of my hand Don't let go of my hand He's working day and night, thinks he'll make her happy Forgetting all the dreams that he had He doesn't realize it's not the end of the world It doesn't have to be that bad She tries to explain, .It's you that makes me happy,. Whatever, whatever, whatever Chorus Chorus out

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