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Название: When I Come Of Age
Исполнитель: Michael Jackson
Альбом: Loking back to yesterday
Язык: Английский

    Where have I been? What should i be looking for? What am I gonna be when I come of age? Will I be strong? Will I de a mighty man Climb mountains if I can When I come of age? Hey y'all I think I'll be a movie star Or travel to some distant star Yeah that's it I'm gonna be an astronaut And rock it to the moon And then I'll be the captain of a giant ship I'm gonna take a long, long trip to far off land When I become a man And what about love? Will you still be in love with me? I sure hope you will be When I come of age And will you be true? Will you still want to marry me? I guess I'll have to wait and see When I come of age My folks say I'm too young for love But they don't seem to understand That what I feel is love for somebody A feeling I understand And while I've fot this feeling It's you, girl, you're so grand And I'll love you girl just as strong When I come of age Wait, be patient honey You've got to believe in me Wait, wait for me baby It'll be just you and me We'll do all the things We couldn't do before When when I come of age We're gonna be so happy When, when I come of age

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