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Название: This Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)
Исполнитель: Michael Jackson
Альбом: Triumph
Год: 1980
Язык: Английский

    Live and sin Ten years ago on this day my heart was yearning. I promised I would never ever be returning. Where my baby broke my heart and left me yearning. As we walked into the room, there were faces Staring, glaring, tearing through me. Someone said welcome to your doom, Then they smiled with eyes that looked as if they knew me. This is scaring me. We walked up the stairs still concealing gloom There were two girls sitting in my room. She walked up to my face And said this is the place, You said meet you right here at noon. Heartbreak hotel Heartbreak hotel Heartbreak hotel Heartbreak hotel Hope is dead She thought that i had cheated for another lover I turn my back to see that I am undercover. Now i can't convince this girl there ain't no other. Someone's evil to hurt my soul. Every smile's a trial though in beguile To hurt me. Then the man next door has told He's been here in tears for fifteen years This is scaring me. We came to this place, where the vicious dwell And found that wicked women run this strange hotel. There was Sefra and Sue, Every girl that i knew And my baby said love is through. Heartbreak hotel Heartbreak hotel Heartbreak hotel Heartbreak hotel

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