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Название: Bass Junkie
Исполнитель: Michele Adamson
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    I had an illusion of separation made me run to you for clarification your fingers are red and violence is blue bittersweet reminder of my life with you If you had a lesson I think I learned it I built a bridge you went and burned it tore me apart and left me for dead I joined the monstArs under the bed." "When I fall asleep you are my nightmare but strangely I feel safe to know you're out there the further I go the smaller you seem irksome little splinter inside my dream kick me when i'm down with no justification cowards lash out when there's no retaliation words may have stung but like the honey bee you left yourself in me I was on the edge and then you pushed me poisoning my blood with sweet toxicity girls are a drug men can be dogs i'll leave the prince and go with the frogs did I say frog I mean the real men but ive been warped by crime & punishment I bear the scars of your cruelty hit me with the bass I'm a junkie Let me out Love let me be...

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