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Название: Phantom Clarity
Исполнитель: Michele Adamson
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    "without you to light my way This would be my darkest day The way you coax me out to play Is surely enough to take away The pain, confusion, disillusion On my own there is no fusion Flip trip in the sunshine You taste like honey and wine" "expectation got the better of me Is it time to fight or should i flee Stand my ground til you come around What sort of person would i be If i couldnt see past my own reality Well crazy You make me see a little brighter You help me feel a little lighter Without your love i have no home You are the reason i glow Take a little air Clear the debris Of broken love affairs And human hubris You know we are all the same If you see things my way Throught the mirror birds are flying east Devil's in the detail De tail is on the beast I've gained phantom clarity And found who i want to be."

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