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Название: Bang Your Head
Исполнитель: Milla Jovovich
Альбом: The Divine Comedy
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    Hey little devil that dwells inside this angel's body, this angel's mind he said "all I need is Jesus to fly" take a little peak through that head of hair I know somewhere there are eyes in there trying to hide a heart that's shining, so bright they said "what makes you different, from us?" we're gonna bang your head, down I've got a dream that's growing inside me I'm ready to burst and set it free I know god waits in the city, of angels now I've been building a wall these many years I feel safe inside hiding all my fears don't hold your breath if you're trying to touch me they said "don't believe in yourself we're gonna band your head, down we're gonna band your head band your head down" We are aging soon to pass away so cruel to never know, never know never finish what was started. My whole life's been really strange I've been running in circles trying to make a change I transcend myself with Billy I'm home

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