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Название: My Struggles
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: The Cookbook
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    [Grand Puba] Yeah, Missy Elliott, Grand Puba [Missy Elliott] Y'all don't really know who I am, God damn I'm like grease in the frying pan cause I am bacon, eggs, toast, butter Smooth sexy lover more FRESH than others Go ask your brother if y'all don't believe I control the industry cause Missy in the lead {*scratching*} Uhh, I'm talkin to you man With my upper hand, the fans call me Dapper Dan When I was young my pops, throw rocks Always shit talk to my moms and call the cops Couldn't wait 'til I was nice and grown Sick of daddy mouth 'til six in the morn' On and on and on 'til the record scratch And if I made a few scraps I would never come back (YES!) Take moms with me and a few ADAT's And make a song about dad and tell pops he's a rat (YES!) Oah-KAYYYYY! [scratched] hold up [Chorus 2X: Missy Elliott] Y'all don't really know my life Y'all don't really know my struggles and how much liquor I guzzle (YES!) Y'all don't really know my fears And how many years to get here but I'm ready to rumble [Grand Puba] Yeah, I be that throwback cat, I throwback 'gnac I spit hot raps, then I check my traps Pockets stop the bulk, green up like the Hulk Ram up in somethin like that nigga Marshall Faulk I'm a low key nigga, a O.G. nigga Entertain my guests in "The Basement" like Tigger Grand Puba and the name ring bells And if it ain't about paper I don't waste my sells So the new school new school need to learn yo I burn baby burn like a Hunt's Pointe ho [Missy Elliott] Yo yo Puba, hold up Let's take 'em back on some "411" shit MA-RYYYY! [beat changes] [Mary J. Blige] I'm Mary J. Blige, for a fact I don't rap I'm known around the map to always make a comeback I went through some struggles fightin with my ex-lovers Stayed in lots of trouble, blessings then I had recovered Had to pay them bills, the places I lived Messin with them cats that's said to get I had to give I had to tell them back up cause I was quick to smack 'em up I didn't give a WHAT, Mary J. would act up [Chorus: Missy + (Mary)] Y'all don't really know my struggles (I had two or three jobs I had to juggle) And all them liquor shots from the pain I covered (Strugglin from the break-ups with my lover) (Y'all don't know the half) Don't know the half (I'm better off now that was in the past) I had to take the good stuff with the bad Now I'm (thankful for the little things that I have) [scratched] I'm Mary J. Blige, for a fact I don't rap [scratched] Grand Puba, and the name ring bells [scratched] I'm Mary J. Blige, for a fact I don't rap [scratched] Grand Puba, and the name ring bells

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