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Название: Meltdown
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: The Cookbook
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    Bet it, bet it taste like candy [3X] [Missy] I broke up wit my ex I couldn't take his sarcasm Everytime we bone I had to fake an orgasm Moanin and groanin tried to make him feel manly I'd rather use my toys, plus my hands come in handy I finally told him that my heart was somewhere else Whenever we sexed I wished that he was someone else That dude that approached me at the bar the other night That be the mister right and hot enough to melt some ice I think I'm in love like Beyonce be with Jigga It's not his major figure that want him to be my nigga He got that magic stick that make my little pussy quiver Juices runnin like a river slowly down my kitty litter Boy I'm so glad I found a nigga like you A thug like you to make a girl say - oh Hope he feel as strong as my po hah do With you by my side its like I'm drunk off booze If you be my man only my man I wouldn't mind tastin your magic stick, magic stick If you don't cheat or sleep around aint nothing wrong wit tastin your magic stick [Chorus] I bet it taste like candy, meant to melt in my mouth I know you got plenty, baby you the shit Now what you workin wit candy meant to melt in my mouth I know you got plenty, I like the way, I like the way I like the way, I like the way [Interlude] I like the way you work your stick boo The way you work it like voodoo The way you wind and you wind and you grind Don't stop the way you work your stick Baby the way you work your stick Baby keep on and keep on and keep on keep goin [Missy] My ex boyfriend had to go He didn't know how to work that magic stick But I found a guy that sure do love It's so true his love is cla-hassic yeah oohhh [Chorus] [Interlude] [Missy] I could play Janet and you could play J.D. If you like Beyonce you could play Jay-Z Check for them other chicks cos they not me They're just some copy cats there's only one Missy M-to the I double ss don't test I'm hard as the cushion on a bullet proof vest But you got me whipped like slaves in the days You're cool as the shade and ice and lemonade I think I wanna marry you baby I will carry Guess it's necessary and on the contrary You be mister right and mister legendary The more I fall in love the more it gets scary

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