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Название: On & On
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: The Cookbook
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    [Pharrell] Beware, you're now listening to the sounds of Mis-demeanor Turn everything up, all the levels All the fuckin levels [Bridge: Missy] Missy be the name and y'all should already know I been around long Scarface so cold Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yo she ya Let me grab the microphone and I'm gone take it away [Verse 1] Every time I spit I blow one or two speakers Top model diva but my name not Eva Yeah I brang fever rockin classic adidas I'm srtaight off the heater rippin needles off the meter Here I go, flip my flow Back it up then I drop it low It's a must cause I'm dangerous I'll be a hassle on the busta call me angeldust I talk shit di, didn't stutter 2005 MC's in trouble You run for cover hide under your covers Cause you gone need more protection than a magnum rubber [Chorus 4X: Pharrell] Ah, ah, on Ah, ah, on Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah Ah, ah, on and it's [Verse 2] Missy finna spit this simply raw Misdemeanor always make MC's feel small Stick you on the table with a plastic cup Say grace, then eat ya ass up Y'all just rookies, virgins, and nookies Not my competition you skip or play hookie Aint nobody here that can tear the track up And naw I ain't done rappin so shut the hell up Keep it simple every time I flow If you step to me I shall throw blows Raise up like I's break nose I ain't about talkin I'll lay 'em down slow And for show y'all know Misdemeanor got 'em by the neck low Ice cold heart like zero below If you wanna battle me then playa say so [Chorus] [Verse 3] Let me tell you what I'm all about About spitting hot rymes on out Yeah Pharrell did the beat oh yes And the way he put it down he make it sound so (fresh) I be the best don't second guess When it comes to other rappers bout it boy get flexed When I say I'm tight as wife beaters Missy bout to teach you how to follow the leader Hit the club in a blue two seater Lookin like I'm finna cock a nine millimeter Get out with my highhill cuffs Twisting my ass cause I know what guys want Licking my lips like I'm takin him home Teasing and teasing I'm fakin the funk Shaking my titties like I wanna bone Bend over slow then I tell him I'm gone [Chorus]

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