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Название: Click Clack
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: The Cookbook
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    When I walk up in the club, they be pushin' Misdemeanor got that ice that keep'em lookin' (Uh-huh) Crop top, drop tops on my Phantom, mang. They be trippin' and them haters just pussies. (Woo) Feelin' on me, feelin' on me like a pornstar, I drive a fast car, still shave my chocha. (Uh-huh) Get the cash, get the cheddar, get the beans mean, (Uhhh) Ching-a-ling, bling bling, my money real green [CHORUS] Who dat? Who dat? Player better fall back, st-step back, player better fall back. Click-Clack, cock back Semi-automatic track Drink a lot of Similac, Shorty better fall back. (WOO) I fall down, get up then I gotta dust it off (Uh-huh) (Say you got to dust it off?) Yeah, I quickly dust it off. I'm off the wall, I do brawl, don't stall Yes it's on, Said it's on, I can't be cloned You can call me Mike Jones. 305-212-804, My cell (WOO) Y'all must be dumb as hell If y'all think that is my cell. Hotel, motel, Holiday- Don't play- round the way, OJ Yeah, I'm so icey. (AAH) What them haters say? Misdemeanor OK. (Uh) Call me foreplay, Position more than 40 ways. (Uh-huh) Like a chocolate glaze, I'm hotter than a summer day. Stingray, Sugar Ray, Knuckles all up in your face. [CHORUS] I block-a block-a, Straight jocker, Matter fact, a face snapper. Money stacker, no slacker, Hit rapper, gun strapper. I click, click hear my-- Click-click. 2 snaps, you hit, then I-- click-click. I make cash, pay them bills, I pay them bills that buy new wheels. I wear high heels, I touch and feel, catch me in your man grill. My record deal, my movie deal Is super sick-sick. I click-click, and if you doubt me then I-- Click - click. (Uh-huh) Smack them boys, I will destroy- Hit, hit, straight down and split-split ya boy. I kick-kick like Karate flick-flicks You get your ass bit, Don't make me have to- Click-click

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