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Название: Baby Girl Interlude / Intro
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: This Is Not A Test
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    Eh yo Mary, i need you to vibe wit me on this one, uh Uh [Missy Elliot] Check it As i grab my pad and pen and begin to talk from within Oh God im hot as the water like a preacher whos sinned Im only human but The world has put me on a platform since the day i was born To only wait for my downfall but like a brick wall im too hard to brake Ok i do make mistakes but im the realest from the fake Thats why im the hardest to hate Aaliyah baby girl i've learned to love those while ther still awake Sleep Sleep And prepare a place for those who are good in the projects and hood Give to those who are misunderstood I know like Lisa, Pac and Biggie and Jay and Pun are still No1 There will be more of us to come I am a leader a teacher i gotta, like a single parent provider Put in back those hip hop dividers Like a preist with a back slider I've sinned ut i win And anyone we've lost in life from 9-11 We'll be sure to see again [Mary J. Blige] What you hear is not a test, im rockin to the beat [x2] See me and my crew, and my friends were gonna try to move our feet See i am Mary Blige and i'll like to say hello To the black to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow First you gotta................first you gotta

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