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Название: Wake Up
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: This Is Not A Test
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    [Missy Elliott] Eh yo Hov, tell em, hip hop betta wake up [Jay-Z] Yeah, turn the muhfuckin music up Yeah, turn the muhfuckin music up [Verse 1 Missy Elliott] Motherfuckers betta wake up, stop sellin crack to the black Hope you bought a spare for your flat Cant accept me talkin real facts Down the hill like Janet Jack, i speak what yah weak mind lacks Yah heard that Im creative to the fullest what you talkin bout Willace cause your talkin Never kill it I hear but dont fill it, down we realest Yah just weet me in the in the village Yeah im a down diva done niva Ya'll not see her he don sqeeze into a wife beater Yep im a top leader I got the Martin Luther King fever, ima feed yah what yah teacher need to breat yah Its time to get seious Black people all areas who gon' carry us it aint time to bury us Cause music be our first love, say i do lets cherish it [Chorus] If you dont gotta gun (its alright) If yah makin legal money, (its alright) If you gotta keep yah clothes on, (its alright) You ain't got a cellular phone, (its alright) And yah wheels dont spin, (its alright) And you gotta wear them jeans again, (its alright) Yeah if you tried oh well, (its alright) MC's stop the beef lets sell, (its alright) [Verse 2 Missy Elliott] Hip hop betta wake up, the bed to make up Some of ya'll be faker than a dragon make-up Got issues to take up before we break up Like Electra let go miss Selida Baker I love Jocob, the jury wont fix my place up Gotta stay up, studio nice to cake up Now check my flava, rich folks is now my neighbors I got cable, now check it how i make my paper Hip hop dont stop be my life saver Like Kobe and Shaq if they left Lakers And like a elevator dj on a cross fader Black wake up i'll see yah ass later [Chorus x1] [Verse 3 Jay-Z (Missy Elliott)] I need rims that dont listen and boomin system First piece of change i see im gon' get one 745 no license to drive I aint even gotta home i gots to live in my ride, fuck it (Rewind) I can hear myself but i cant feel myself I wanna feel myself like Tweet 745 no license to drive I aint even gotta home i gots to live in my ride, fuck it Couple of karats in my ear wont hurt Need a nice chain layin on this thousand $ shirt Evisu Jeans cover the rectum, i kick game just like David Beckham Anybody in my way i wet them Ima be this way until the cops come catch em To detective sketch em on the sidewalk wit chalk New Yorks infections Till i got taught a lesson Couple niggaz gone couple wink corrections And Marie got 10, Tie got 15 nigga even my kin Got 5 years bringin 19 in, i just think i used to think like them Now they gotta live through the pictures that i send em in the pen Hope you dont start yah life where i end WAKE UP [x15] [Chorus x1]

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