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Название: I'm Really Hot
Исполнитель: Missy Elliott
Альбом: This Is Not A Test
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    [PRE-HOOK] oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh I'm,I'm,I'm,I'm,I'm really,really Hot,Hot,Hot,Hot,Hot [1st VERSE] Let me holla' at the d.j. Come on d.j. put that record on the replay Don't you see how them bitches move they bootay Everytime you play this record, smell like coochie Follow dem',Screamin' like a groupay Misdemeanor move my nookie like a hoochay For them hatas fuck whatever you say Because you know I'm too cool for you anyway I'm just a bad bitch M-I-S,Miss I'm gonna' keep talkin' shit till you get this I'm gonna' bust up in the club wit' no guest list Them otha' artist, I keep em' all restless I don't french kiss unless it's 50 cent Vivica,we can share him like the president Tabloids,I don't care,it's irrelevant,I'm heaven sent Now watch how I do this shit [PRE-HOOK] [CHORUS] I'm really,really hot Everytime my records drop Radio says I won't stop Cus' I'm killin' em' [2nd VERSE] You don't know whatcha' talkin' bout You would think I was Sug when I come out My album hit hard when I roll out Yall records make a bitch wanna' throw em out And that's no doubt See I rock bells Fly as hell and cool as ? Baby can't ya' tell I lick my lips like I'm L.L. And I'm doin' it,and doin' it,and doin' it well Straight to the hotel I'm cellabut so,boy,you gets no tell Kiss,kiss and still you gets nowhere Just two blue balls down in yo' underwear I play unfair I'm a hot gal Hot cars and stars and strip bars And ain't hot if I'm not there I'm a true playa' You can find me up in any record store Hurry up and get chere [PRE-HOOK] [CHORUS] Look,let me move to the left Go head, let me feel myself Touch my chest my sweat Show that d.j. how I shake my breast Jiggle,jiggle,jangle Watch how my gludius dangle I do a 1-2 step,STOP No,I ain't done yet Everybody in the club,go to work Tight jeans,crop shirts,short skirts I'm gonna' rock to the beat till' it hurt I'm gonna' drop it on the street Yeah ya' heard Hatas' I flip the bird Got guns,so what,I ain't scurred I came to boogie and swerve I ain't lyin' folk that's my word [PRE-HOOK] [CHORUS] Really-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot Really-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot

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