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Название: Step Off
Исполнитель: Molotov
Альбом: Apocalypshit
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский
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    Now here's a little story that I'd like to contar un pendejo que conozco who liked to drogar started way back in da' Mexico City the year was 97, Molotov was the epitimy A lot of Brown-no sing was going around the cuate was crazy, valedores were down He'd be at all the partis with the flashy clothes He'd get a little drunk and powder up his nose He'd be back stage at all the show he'd start to mouth-off to show-off to all the hoes drugs'll make you think you're right when wrong you better step off, before you get stepped on Now what, now what, now what's the world en la calle todos me dicen que ese hijo de su madre is... to steppin' people like it's going out of style. shooting - snorting - smoking - in denial You asking me "Man are you mad at me?" I tell you, "es la droga, men, it has to be" you're all fucked up. It's sad to see te hablas solito, you lost your sanity Your drug of the month is your own pendejez te rompen la madre estés donde estés Handle your shit - don't egg me on you better step off, before you get stepped on

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