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Название: Michael's Bones
Исполнитель: Morrissey
Альбом: My Early Burglary Years
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    Michael's bones Lay where he fell Face down on a sports ground Oh ... He was just somebody's luckless son Oh, but now look what he's done Oh, look what he's done Your gentle hands are frozen And your unkissed lips are blue Your thinning clothes are hopeless And no one was mad about you Michael's bones Were very young But they were never to know Oh ... Impetuous fun Mr. Policeman I don't know where you get such notions from His gentle hands are frozen And his unkissed lips are blue But his eyes still cry And now you've turned the last bend And see - are we all judged the same at the end? Tell me, tell me Oh, you lucky thing You are too brave And I'm ashamed of myself As usual

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