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Название: Brodsky Tune
Исполнитель: Morten Harket
Альбом: Wild Seed
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    As you pour yourself a scotch Crush a roach or check your watch As your hands adjust your tie people die In the towns with funny names Hit by bullets, caught in flames By and large not knowing why people die And in small places you don't know of Yet big for having no chance to scream Or say good-bye people die Chorus: La, la... Let me know People die as you elect New apostles of neglect, self restraint Whereby people die Too far off to practice love For thy neighbour, brother Slav Where your cherubs dread to fly people die Chorus... While the statues disagree Cain's version, history for its fuel tends to buy Those who die As you watch the athletes score Or check your latest statement Or sing your child a lullaby people die Time, whose sharp, bloodthirsty quill Parts the killed from those who kill Will pronounce the latter tribe As your type

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