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Название: When You're Good To Mama
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Chicago
Год: 1975
Язык: Английский
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    Matron mama morton. Ask any of the chikies in my pen They'll tell you I'm the biggest mother Hen I love them all and all of them love me Because the system works The system called reciprocit Got a little motto Always see me through When you're good to mama Mama's good to you There's a lot of favors I'im prefared to do You do one for mama She'll do one for you. They say that life is tit for tat And that's the way I live So, I deserve a lot of tat For what I've got to give Don' you know that this hand washes that one too When you're good to mama Mama's good to you! If you want my gravy Perpper my ragout Spice it up for mama She'll get hot for you When they pass that basket Folks conribute to You put in for mam She'll put our for you Let's all strok together Like the princeton crew When you're stronkin' mama Mam's stronkin' you So what's the conclusion I can bring this number too When you're good to mam Mama's good to you!!

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