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Название: Roxie
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Chicago
Год: 1975
Язык: Английский
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    [ROXIE] The name on everybody's lips Is gonna be Roxie The lady raking in the chips Is gonna be Roxie I'm gonna be a celebrity That means Somebody everyone knows They('re) gonna recognize my eyes My hair my teeth my boobs my nose From just some dumb mechanics wife I'm gonna be Roxie Who says that murder's not an art? And who in case she doesn't hang Can say she started with a bang? Roxie Hart! Boys... [BOYS] They're gonna wait outside in line To get to see [ROXIE] Roxie Think of those autographs I'll sign, 'Good luck to ya,' [BOYS] Roxie [ROXIE] And I'll appear In a lavalier that goes All the way down to my waist [BOYS] Here a ring, There a ring, Everywhere a-ring-a-ling [ROXIE] But always in the best of taste! (spoken) Mmmm, I'm a star! And the audience loves me! And I love them And they love me for loving them And I love them for loving me And we love each other And that's because none of us Got enough love in our childhoods And that's showbiz Kid [BOYS] She's given up her hum drum life [ROXIE] I'm gonna be sing it [BOYS] Roxie She made a scandal and a start [ROXIE] And Sophie Tucker will shit I know To see her name get billed below Roxie Hart [BOYS] Roxie... Roxie... Roxie... Roxie... Rox-ie... Roxie... Roxie...

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