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Название: Thenardier's Gang & - Plumet Attack
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Les Miserables
Язык: Английский

    EPONINE 'Parnasse, what are you doing So far out of our patch? MONTPARNASSE This house, we're going to do it Rich man, plenty of scratch You remember he's the one Who got away the other day Got a number on his chest Perhaps a fortune put away! EPONINE Oh Lord, somebody help me! Dear God, what'll I do? He'll think this is an ambush He'll think I'm in it too! What'll I do, what'll I say? I've got to warn them here I've got to find a way. (Thenardier arrives with the rest of his gang) THENARDIER This is his lair I've seen the old fox around He keeps himself to himself He's staying close to the ground I smell profit here! Ten years ago He came and paid for Cosette I let her go for a song It's time we settled the debt This'll cost him dear BRUJON What do I care Who you should rob? Gimme me my share Finish the job! THENARDIER You shut your mouth Give me your hand BRUJON (catching sight of Eponine) What have we here? THENARDIER (not recognizing her) Who is this hussy? BABET It's your brat Eponine Don't you know your own kid Why's she hanging about you? THENARDIER Eponine, get on home You're not needed in this We're enough here without you EPONINE I know this house I tell you there's nothing here for you Just the old man and the girl They live ordinary lives THENARDIER Don't interfere You've got some gall Take care, young miss, You've got a lot to say! BRUJON She's going soft CLAQUESOUS Happens to all MONTPARNASSE Go home, 'Ponine, Go home, you're in the way EPONINE I'm gonna scream, I'm gonna warn them here. THENARDIER One little scream and you'll regret it for a year. CLAQUESOUS What a palaver What an absolute treat To watch a cat and its father Pick a bone in the street BRUJON Not a sound out of you! EPONINE Well I told you I'd do it, told you I'd do it... (She screams) THENARDIER You wait my girl, you'll rue this night I'll make you scream, you'll scream all right Leave her to me, don't wait around Make for the sewers, go underground! (The gang scatters. Marius and Cosette run back into the garden and he hurriedly introduces Eponine before she takes off) MARIUS It was your cry sent them away Once more 'Ponine saving the day Dearest Cosette - my friend 'Ponine Brought me to you, showed me the way! Someone is near Let's not be seen Somebody's here! (Marius leaves quickly as Valjean enters) VALJEAN My God, Cosette! I heard a cry in the dark I heard the shout of angry voices in the street. COSETTE That was my cry you heard, Papa, I was afraid of what they'd do. They ran away when they heard my cry. VALJEAN Cosette, my child, what will become of you? COSETTE Three men I saw beyond the wall Three men in shadow moving fast JAVERT This is a warning to us all These are the shadows of the past Must be Javert! He's found my cover at last! I've got to get Cosette away Before they return! We must get away from shadows They will never let us be Tomorrow to Calais... And then a ship across the sea! Hurry, Cosette, prepare to leave and say no more, Tomorrow we'll away! Hurry, Cosette, it's time to close another door And live another day!

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