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Название: Enjolras, The Stude - At the barricade
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Les Miserables
Язык: Английский

    ENJOLRAS Here upon these stones We will build our barricade In the heart of the city We claim as our own! Each man to his duty And don't be afraid. Wait! I will need a report On the strength of the foe. JAVERT(disguised as a rebel) I can find out the truth I know their ways Fought their wars Served my time In the days Of my youth. PROUVAIRE Now the people will fight GRANTAIRE And so they might Dogs will bark Fleas will bite. LESGLES They will do what is right! (Marius spots Eponine, who is dressed as a boy) MARIUS Hey, little boy, what's this I see? God, Eponine, the things you do! EPONINE I know this is no place for me, Still, I would rather be with you! MARIUS Get out before the trouble starts. Get out, 'Ponine, you might get shot! EPONINE I've got you worried now, I have That shows you like me quite a lot! MARIUS There is a way that you can help You are the answer to a prayer! Please take this letter to Cosette And pray to God that she's still there! EPONINE Little you know! Little you care! (She walks to the Rue Plumet, where she meets Valjean) EPONINE I have a letter M'sieur It's addressed to your daughter, Cosette It's from a boy at the barricade, Sir, In the Rue de Villette. VALJEAN Give me that letter here, my boy. EPONINE He said to give it to Cosette VALJEAN You have my word that my daughter will know What this letter contains. (He gives her a coin) Tell the young man she will read it tomorrow And here's for your pains Go careful now, stay out of sight There's danger in the streets tonight. (He opens the letter... and reads it) "Dearest Cosette, you have entered my soul And soon you will be gone. Can it be only a day since we met And the world was reborn? If I should fall in the battle to come Let this be my goodbye... Now that I know you love me as well It is harder to die... I pray that god will bring me home To be with you. Pray for your Marius. He prays for you!"

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