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Название: Javert, Enjolras & - Javert at the Barricade/Little People
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Les Miserables
Язык: Английский

    GAVROCHE Liar! Good evening, dear inspector Lovely evening, my dear. I know this man, my friends His name is Inspector Javert So don't believe a word he says 'Cause none of it's true This only goes to show What little people can do! And little people know When little people fight We may look easy pickings But we've got some bite So never kick a dog Because he's just a pup We'll fight like twenty armies And we won't give up So you'd better run for cover When the pup grows up! GRANTAIRE Bravo, little Gavroche, you're the top of the class! PROUVAIRE So what are we going to do With this snake in the grass? ENJOLRAS Tie this man and take him To the tavern in there The people will decide your fate Inspector Javert! COURFEYRAC Take the bastard now and shoot him! FEUILLY Let us watch the devil dance! LESGLES You'd have done the same, Inspector, If we'd let you have your chance! JAVERT Shoot me now or shoot me later Every schoolboy to his sport Death to each and every traitor I renounce your people's court! COMBEFERRE Though we may not all survive here There are things that never die GRANTAIRE What's the difference, die a schoolboy, Die a policeman, die a spy? ENJOLRAS Take this man, bring him through There is work we have to do! (Javert is bundled away as the first shots ring out. Eponine enters, wounded) JOLY There's a boy climbing the barricade! MARIUS Good God! What are you doing? 'Ponine, have you no fear? Have you seen my beloved? Why have you come back here? EPONINE Took the letter like you said I met her father at the door He said he would give it (She collapses in his arms) Don't think I can stand any more. MARIUS Eponine, what's wrong? I feel... There's something wet upon your hair (There is blood on his hands) Eponine, you're hurt You need some help! Oh God, it's everywhere....

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