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Название: Thenardier - Dog Eats Dog
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Les Miserables
Язык: Английский

    THENARDIER Here's a hint of gold Stuck into a tooth Pardon me M'sieur You won't be needing it no more. Shouldn't be too hard to sell. Add it to the pile Add it to the stock Here among the sewer rats A breath away from Hell You get accustomed to the smell. Well someone's got to clean 'em up, my friends Bodies on the highway Law and order upside down Someone's got to collect their odds and ends As a service to the town! Here's a tasty ring Pretty little thing Wouldn't want to waste it That would really be a crime Thank you sir, I'm in your debt Here's another toy Take it off the boy His heart's no longer going And he's lived his little time But his watch is ticking yet! Well, someone's got to clean them up, my friends Before the little harvest Disappears into the mud Someone's got to collect their odds and ends When the gutters run with blood. It's a world where the dog eats the dog Where they kill for bones in the street And God in His Heaven He don't interfere 'Cause he's dead as the stiffs at my feet I raise my eyes to see the heavens And only the moon looks down The harvest moon shines down! VALJEAN It's you, Javert! I knew you wouldn't wait too long The faithful servant at his post once more! This man's done no wrong, And he needs a doctor's care. JAVERT I warned you I would not give in I won't be swayed VALJEAN Another hour yet And then I'm yours And all our debts are paid. JAVERT The man of mercy comes again And talks of justice JAVERT Come, time is running short Look down, Javert He's standing in his grave Give way, Javert There is a life to save. JAVERT(overlapping) Take him Valjean, Before I change my mind I will be waiting 24601.

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