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Название: One Of Us
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Mamma Mia!
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    DONNA: They passed me by All of those great romances Because of your Robbing me Of my rightful chances My picture clear Everything seemed so easy But the you dealt me the blow One of us had to go How you hurt me I want you to know One of us is crying One of us is lying In her lonely bed Staring at the ceiling Wishing she was somewhere else instead One of us is lonely One of us is only Waiting for a call Sorry for herself Feeling stupid Feeling small Wishing you had Never left at all Never left at all SAM: Donna. What's the rush? DONNA: The wedding. SAM: Oh yeah, about this wedding, why didn't you tell me it was Sophie getting married. DONNA: That is absolutely none of your business. SAM: And what's this Sky guy like? Is he good enough for her? DONNA: And that is none of your business either. SAM: Alright, be a bloody martyr, listen, I've got kids, I know it's hard for you doing it on your own. DONNA: Don't bloody patronise me. I love doing it on my own - every morning. I wake up and thank Christ I haven't got some middle-aged, menopausal man to bother me - I'm free, I'm single and it's great!

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