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Название: Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Mary Poppins
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Mr. Dawes Sr, Mr. Banks and Bankers: If you invest your tuppence Wisely in the bank Safe and sound Soon that tuppence, Safely invested in the bank, Will compound And you'll achieve that sense of conquest As your affluence expands In the hands of the directors Who invest as propriety demands You see, Michael, you'll be part of Railways through Africa Dams across the Nile Fleets of ocean greyhounds Majestic, self-amortizing canals Plantations of ripening tea All from tuppence, prudently Fruitfully, frugally invested In the, to be specific, In the Dawes, Tomes Mousely, Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank! Now, Michael, When you deposit tuppence in a bank account Soon you'll see That it blooms into credit of a generous amount Semiannually And you'll achieve that sense of stature As your influence expands To the high financial strata That established credit now commands You can purchase first and second trust deeds Think of the foreclosures! Bonds! Chattels! Dividends! Shares! Bankruptcies! Debtor sales! Opportunities! All manner of private enterprise! Shipyards! The mercantile! Collieries! Tanneries! Incorporations! Amalgamations! Banks! You see, Michael Tuppence, patiently, cautiously trustingly invested In the, to be specific, In the Dawes, Tomes Mousely, Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank!

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