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Название: Brimstone and Treacle (Part 2)
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: Mary Poppins
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    MICHAEL: Perhaps she’s killed everyone. Perhaps they’re… all dead. Bird song. JANE: What’s that? MARY POPPINS: It’s a caged bird! Bird song MARY POPPINS: Did she? Well, frankly, that’s not a surprise! Bird song MARY POPPINS: Locked in this cage and not free in the skies! Bird song MARY POPPINS: For two years? How shameful! Bird song MARY POPPINS: Yes, of course. That’s a field I know well. Bird song MARY POPPINS: An hour, no longer. Your wings will grow stronger. Once you are freed from this cell. JANE: What kind of bird is it? MARY POPPINS: A lark. You are seeing a lark in a cage for the first time… and the last! Bird song. MARY POPPINS: My pleasure. Oh, don’t mention it. MRS. ANDREWS: (Speaking) So, children. You’ve decided to come crawling back, have you? Well, I think we know what’s needed now! (Singing) Brimstone and treacle, my favorite liquor. That will make runaways stop! Impudent children respond so much quicker when forced to drink every last drop. MARY POPPINS: (Speaking)Is this what you’re looking for? MRS. ANDREWS: (Speaking) Who are you? MARY POPPINS: I’m Mary Poppins. MRS. ANDREWS: Mary Poppins! But you left… without notice. MARY POPPINS: And I’ve come back without notice. MRS. ANDREWS: I see. And what do you expect me to do? MARY POPPINS: Pack. MRS. ANDREWS: Pack!! (Singing) Silly little girl, with your newfangled methods. I bring up children so they know their place! Standing by tradition, I govern my charges… MARY POPPINS: (Singing) Mishandled charges blow up in your face! MRS. ANDREWS: I brought up their father… MARY POPPINS: Well, that I don’t doubt! You must be so proud, at the way he turned out. MRS. ANDREWS: A shining example, a pillar… MARY POPPINS: A post! They all have their problems, but him more than most! MRS. ANDREWS: You’ve let my little lark out of his cage! Now you will bear the full brunt of my rage! Brimstone and treacle for you. Brimstone and treacle for you. Brimstone and treacle for you. Brimstone and treacle for you. MARY POPPINS: Just a spoonful of sugar! Just a spoonful of sugar! Just a spoonful of sugar! (They “ahhh” for a while, then…) MARY POPPINS: I recognize fully that you are a bully Who views cruel deeds as a perk. Well then, now here’s a catch, because you’ve met your match! Brimstone and treacle… MRS. ANDREWS: Brimstone and treacle will work! MARY POPPINS: Won’t work! MRS. ANDREWS: AAAAH!!!

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