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Название: Overture/Hannibal
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: The Phantom of the Opera
Год: 1986
Язык: Английский
Прослушать песню:

    CARLOTTA: This trophy from our saviours, from our saviours from the enslaving force of Rome! GIRL'S CHORUS: With feasting and dancing and song, tonight in celebration, We greet the victorious throng, returned to bring salvation! MEN'S CHORUS: The trumpets of Carthage resound! Hear, Romans, now and tremble! Hark to our step on the ground! ALL: Hear the drums, Hannibal comes! PIANGI: Sad to return to find the land we love threatened once more by Roma's far-reaching grasp REYER: Gentlemen, gentlemen... LEFEVRE: Rehearsals, as you see, are under way, for a new production of Chalumeau's "Hannibal". REYER: Monsieur Lefevre, I am rehearsing. LEFEVRE: Monsieur Reyer, Madame Giry, ladies and gentlemen, Please if I could have your attention, thank you. As you know, for some weeks there have been rumours of my imminent retirement. I can now tell you that these were all true and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the two gentlemen Who now own the Opera Populaire, Monsieur Richard Firmin and Monsieur Gilles Andre. FIRMIN: And we are deeply honoured to introduce our new patron, the Vicomte de Changy RAOUL: My parents and I are honoured to support all the arts especially the world renowned Opera Populaire LEFEVRE: Vicomte, Gentlemen, Signora Carlotta Giudicelli, our leading soprano for five seasons now. And Signor Ubaldo Piangi. RAOUL: An honour, Signor. I believe I'm keeping you from your rehearsal. I will be here this evening to share your great triumph. My apologies, monsieur. REYER: Thank you, Monsieur Le Vicomte. Once more if you please, signor. CARLOTTA: He loves me! GIRY: We take a particular pride here in the excellence of our ballets, monsieur FIRMIN: I see why, especially that little blonde angel. GIRY: My daughter, Meg Giry. FIRMIN: And that exceptional beauty? No relation, I trust. GIRY: Christine DaaК, promising talent, Monsieur Firmin, very promising. FIRMIN: DaaК, you say? No relation to the famous Swedish violinist? GIRY: His only child, orphan at 7, when she came to live and train in the ballet dormitory. FIRMIN: An orphan, you say! CHORUS: Bid welcome to Hannibal's guests, the elephants of Carthage! As guides on our conquering quests, Dido sends Hannibal's friends! CHORUS WITH CARLOTTA AND PIANGI: The trumpeting elephants sound, hear, Romans, now and tremble! Hark to their step on the ground, hear the drums! Hannibal comes! ANDRE: Mosieur Reyer, isn't there a rather marvelous aria for Elissa in Act Three of "Hannibal"? Perhaps if Signora... CARLOTTA: Yes...Yes...Monsieur Reyer? REYER: If my diva commands. CARLOTTA: Yes I do.

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