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Название: Don Juan
Исполнитель: Musicals
Альбом: The Phantom of the Opera
Год: 1986
Язык: Английский

    CHORUS: Here the sire may serve the dam, Here the master takes his meat! Here the sacrificial lamb butters one despairing bleat! CARLOTTA AND CHORUS: Poor young maiden! For the thrill on your tongue of stolen sweets You will have to pay the bill, tangled in the winding sheets! Serve the meal and serve the maid! Serve the master so that, When tables, plans and maids are laid, Don Juan triumphs once again! DON JUAN: Passarino, faithful friend, once again recite the plan. PASSARINO: Your young guest believes I'm you. I, the master, you, the man. DON JUAN: When you met you wore my cloak, she could not have seen your face. She believes she dines with me, in her master's borrowed place! Furtively, we'll scoff and quaff, stealing what, in truth, is mine. When it's late and modesty starts to mellow, with the wine PASSARINO: You come home! I use your voice, slam the door like crack of doom! DON JUAN: I shall say, "come hide with me! Where, oh, where? Of course, my room!" PASSARINO: Poor thing hasn't got a chance! DON JUAN: Here's my hat, my cloak and sword. Conquest is assured, if I do not forget myself and laugh AMINTA: No thoughts within her head, but thoughts of joy! No dreams within her heart but dreams of love! PASSARINO: Master? PHANTOM: Passarino, go away, for the trap is set and waits for its prey!

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